Upgrade your mid-winter outerwear like actor Jason Statham & rapper Dave

    Upgrade your mid-winter outerwear like actor Jason Statham & rapper Dave

    Stop playing around with your style. Random & unreliable jackets as thin as paper in this weather won’t cut it. No one wants to see you looking like a wet dog after getting caught in the rain. It’s time to outsmart the mid-winter chills and rainy days in real style. And there’s no better way to upgrade your wardrobe & fits than with quality, durable outerwear that actually looks good. Here’s how…

    Stone Island - the one trusted Italian brand in the outerwear & utility scene - just released their newest Compass Inside campaign featuring the stealthy & unshakeable Jason Statham, along with the fashionable & wise rapper Dave. With Dave in a clean beige camo set, and Statham in a militant green piece, the clean & fresh campaign blows all other brands out the water. From active climbers, to on-trend students, top-tier musicians and artists - time & again Stone Island continues to prove that it understands what every generation & industry needs, including yours. “With relentless innovation & solidarity, we design for the real world”, is the message they’re spreading with this new campaign. There’s no cutting corners too: the brand specializes in a rigorous dyeing & material-sourcing process, which can take up to four years! That’s real care.

    This is your sure sign to grab a Stone Island piece, and rock the legendary compass badge across your arm proudly against unpredictable weather and settings. Find your highest style level with some of the best Stoney picks:

    For the days you’re on the go & want a casual staple that showcases your style? We recommend the Stone Island Soft Shell-R Navy Purple Hooded Jacket, that will give a casual feel - great for that outing.

    Need something heavier and tougher to get through the cold showers of rain and relentless winds when you’re out and about? Without a doubt go for the Stone Island Patch Logo hoodies and get optimal warmth.
    You can’t go wrong with the cozy compass patch hoodie as your base layer. They’re a go-to for lounging, casual linkups (and perfect for giving out hugs in February too!)

    It doesn’t stop there…we got you covered with options. You may be a C.P Company kinda guy, a brand with equal amounts of heritage and skin in the game as Stone Island. Keep shining in any weather with the fitted Chrome-R Hooded Golden Palm Jacket . Or, the multi-pocketed and rich in color Tic Short Hooded Port Royal Jacket. Our personal favorite? The elite standout piece Metropolis Quarter Zip pullover green jacket. Regardless of your choice, stay ahead of the curve, by copping a brand that has stood the test of time & does the job! Build a 10/10 fit rotation with these brands & more, all live now at Focus Man.

    Written by Jason Kwame, Edited by Sean Azeez-Bright
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