Focus Man's perfect fit for Valentines Day (and every date night after)

    Focus Man's perfect fit for Valentines Day (and every date night after)

    Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and if you’re like us at Focus Man you’ve most likely left all the preparations till late. We hear you, no pressure. But, as easy as it is to cop the red balloons, the cards, the tea candles for the hotel room walkway and the box of forever roses at the last minute, it can be tricky for us guys to finally pick the right fit.

    Rest assured, we’ve put together a certified, Valentines-proof list of items you can cop in time for this season of romance. Ones that you can keep as wardrobe grails and repurpose for future dates too. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic couple of days in Paris taking pics under the lit Eiffel tower, perhaps sightseeing in Milan by the Duomo Cathedral, maybe a cozy bar night after hitting the snowy slopes up by the French or Swiss alps, OR a solo trip to Barcelona for their 1 of 1 churros and segway rentals - we’ve got you. We’ve curated a clean and stylish multi-purpose outfit - top to bottoms - to fit any vibe and any date night.  

    First, beat the mid-February chills comfortably with this Celine logo print cotton jersey hoodie. This isn’t any ordinary hoodie - it’s perfect for special occasions like February 14th. Opt for this tasteful piece of flashiness, with the unmissable signature CELINE font emblazoned on the front. What better way to keep it casual, whilst letting everyone know you’re a real fashion guy. And a quick reminder to the security at the swanky restaurants in Mayfair: this classy hoodie passes the dress code perfectly. You for sure won’t be taking any L’s with this. 

    Celine Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey Hoodie Black Regular price £740.00 GBP Sale price £605.00 

    If things start to heat up on the night, a statement & fitted black tee is always the best option. Be sure to grab this Moncler Genius 6 x ALYX 1017 9SM collaboration T-shirt in Black. Two of the hottest, most innovative brands right now have created a dope tee that is hard to miss yet still so understated. With a white-print, unique take on the traditional Moncler logo, you’re bound to get compliments and love with this one on. What’s better is that it’s crafted from recycled jersey, so your eco-friendly bae will thank you for your environmentally friendly drip. 

    Moncler Genius 6 1017 ALYX 9SM T-shirt in Black Regular price£290.00 GBP Sale price £265.00 

    It’s always the best move to pair a black top with some fly, distressed jeans - preferably grey or a faint blue. We’ve got a solid selection for you to choose from at Focus Man: from the paint striped and skater jeans of Dsquared2, to the much more simple and stonewashed Off-white slogan print jeans, you’re sure to get your pick of bottoms for the occasion. 

    Off-White Slogan Print Blue Jeans Regular price £560.00 GBP Sale price£400.00 

    Dsquared2 Paint Splattered Skater Distressed Slim Fit Stretch Jeans Regular price £495.00 GBP  £385.00 

    Now, when it comes to getting intimate on Valentine’s, even the underwear have got to be well thought out. Not any standard love heart boxers either (don’t get caught up in the Valentine’s gimmicks!). There are ways to give into the novelty and fun of Valentine’s day, whilst still keeping it player with your street cred intact. Philipp Plein Teddy Black two pack Boxer Shorts fit the bill, with red teddy prints that will for sure go down well with your partner.

    Philipp Plein Teddy Black Boxer Shorts Two Pack Regular price £110.00 GBP Sale price £48.00

    It’s an unspoken fact that the first point of attraction is always footwear. As superficial as it may sound, eyes will always be drawn to what’s on your feet. By the state of your trainers, onlookers conclude how well-kept and thoughtful you are. So make sure the sneakers you pick out for Valentines Day count. These Amiri Bone Runner low-top sneakers are a must cop. The deconstructed skeleton detailing stitched on these are too fly to pass up. The teal option will add some vibrant depth to your outfit, to avoid your fit becoming a matchy-matchy uniform. You’ll be on trend with the luxury yet sporty elevated & vulcanized rubber sole, without like everyone else at the venue. 

    Amiri Bone Runner Low-Top Sneakers Teal Regular price £590.00 GBP Sale price £570.00 

    Red is still the colour of love right? You can always express your active participation in Valentines by topping things off with this simple yet vibrant parajumpers red beanie. This is the necessary pop of red to match your date’s red…heels, dress, nails, or heck hair even! 

    Parajumpers Plain Beanie Red Regular price £75.00 GBP Sale price £60.00

    We’ve made things easy and given the ultimate cheat code for a successful Valentines (and occasional date night) fit. Now, the love part is now in your hands…

    Written by Jason Kwame Edited by Sean Azeez-Bright


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